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Epituz Classic

This is Epituz long before there were any Rüggs, any Olacoids or any Swumps. Just normal people. Well almost. We do have Drako, Kaspar and "The Devil". And.. uhm.

Like Epituz, also here in the classic world, it may happen that somebody gets eaten. Defintely, somebody depicted below is not going to survive. And yes, it can get gory.

Chapter 1 - The Princess
Chapter 2 - The Kind Old Lady
Chapter 3 - John Tegil
Chapter 4 - The Frog
Chapter 5 - Harald Poss-Yan
Chapter 6 - It gets bloody..
Chapter 7 - Yum Yum?
Chapter 8 - One more predator joins
Chapter 9 - Feeding Frenzy
Chapter 10 - The Return
Chapter 11 - Time to eat?
Chapter 12 - The End
Epilog - Storyteller Harald Poss-Yan

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