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Planet Epituz

Our future... More exactly - the 31st century. Mankind (those on Earth) has eventually managed to "travel in space" and inhabit other planets around. One of them is Epituz, where evolution decided to take some more steps ahead (or backwards, depending on how you see it), leading to development of new human species. So, besides the classical human beings (read: the guys like you and I, or maybe not) we also have the Rügg (aggressive predators - raw meat is good, alive is better), Olacoids (happy happy smiley heads, good for them that they are dumb, otherwise they may not have been so happy .. ), Swumps (the cunning money-obsessed guys who always smoke pipe), and more.

The Epituz Warning

Please read this before you go on..
Gory horror is happening on Epituz. Or, if you want, Foodchain-related stuff, as in 'The human version of 'Lion-Eats-Zebra-Alive'. Some sensible persons may find it disgusting or upright disturbing, so do you consider yorself as such, it is better to carefully step back and go somewhere else...

But should you be into such things ... then.. happy scrolling

The Epituz Guys

(mini gallery)

Classical Human .. the Average Joe

Humans .. seriously pissed


Rüggs are fond of meat. Raw. Or even better - when it's still alive and kicking.

Olakoids.. Happy happy guys

Mr Swump

Uh-Oh, Mr Swump angered Vortek Rügg. But sure enough he will be able to talk himself out of it. Again.

..and some more Epituz facts:

-Heroes are rather rare, if they exist at all.
-In every story, somebody gets eaten.
-Stories may or may not have happy ends. More often than not it pretty much depends on the perspective.
-Physics are weirdly bent, it's science fiction after all..
-Many epituz humans have a weakness for various things from the past and go retro in their style. Yay cowboys!!!!!
-Morale? Message? What? Where? Not here. Not really. Just forget it. :P
-If some thief or monster try to get away with their nastiness, exactly that may happen. Not always however. Things should not get too predictable.
-Well, it tends to end bad for olacoids.. But actually nobody is quite safe, and olacoids may have luck some times too.

Rügg species info pages

On these pages you can read more about the rüggs, the humanoid predators in this world.

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And now.. To the stories:

Bulldozer-Ola, Juggernaut-Rügg & Hulk-Human
What happens when a swump, an olakoid, a rügg and a human try to work together, to a rob a bank.

Auntie Olida
Sjur-Sigurd and Checkshirt-Ola are outside walking. They should never have done that.

World's Most Dangerous
Very important on Epituz. Who's the most dangerous guy in the world? Vortek Rügg and Smart-Ola can obviously never come to any agreement on that. But perhaps Mr Swump can help?


Oh no. Smart-Ola's got a plan...

Steffen's farming business goes down the drain. But Mr. Swump may help..(?)

Epituz Cowboys
These guys have serious problems ..

A romantic story where Mr Swump meets Swumpine ;)

*sigh* Smart-Ola..

Let's Ski!
Ski-Ola loves skiing, and wants Snow-Ola and Winter-Ola to join. But they cannot ski very well.

Epituz Cowboys II
Yeehaaaa, the cowboys are back!

Epituz Cowboys III
..They just don't give up!

Smart-Ola doing Business
..trying to earn some money

Smart-Ola doing Big Business
Perhaps it works better this time..?

Epituz - Somewhat Differently
plain nonsense but fun to draw

Fancy Fancy Car
What happens when olacoids design their cars ..

Yum Bääääh Yum
Oh noes, adolescent rüggs

Our bank robbing heroes from the very first comic are back - Bulldozer-Ola, Juggernaut-Rügg and Hulk-Human.

In Jail
Vortek "World's most dangerous" Rügg behind the bars

Yum Fish, Blaarg Fish
A summer holiday love story

World's Most Dangerous - Part II
A love story, a whole lot of upright silliness, and a sequel of World's Most Dangerous.

Revenge - Part II
Sequel to Revenge, which was a sequel to Rob-a-bank.
But since Bulldozer-Ola and Hulk-Human got killed last time, they have now been replaced by Tank-Ola and Hammer-Human..

Adolescent rüggs in jail.
Sequel of this story which shows how they ended up in jail..

A Dangerous but Important Mission
Our heroes do all what they can to not fail in this..

Out now! A great game for your dumbphone! For free! Or..?

A young rugg has to prove his skills...

Walk-Ola has a problem.
Also, olacoids are very skilled in getting eaten, even without any rüggs around.
So, will Walk-Ola survive this?

Epituz Classic

A story with the beloved classic Epituz character Drako.
Of course there are also The Princess, The King and The Kind Old Lady. And more.

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