Ka-Atis' Tech Gallery

Cyborgs, Space ships, or just "tech". Some of the pics may be creepy or gory..

Evil Ship
The "dark evil spaceship" is about to snack a littly yummy one..

A drawing I really spent a long time on. What happens inside the "Evil Spaceship": The "dark cyborgs" are not really very nice to their prisoners, the "crappy helmet stuffed-foam cyborgs", using them as research objects or simply as nutrition.
Not very nice, not..

This one is about the really painful process on being transformed into a cyborg. As anesthesia is considered as not neccesary.
Somewhat gory..

Pet store
Oh no! The dark and evil cyborgs have entered a pet store. And oh no, they are hungry.
Poor rabbits! poor rats! You may not want to see this...

Machine Kill
The cool square machines finish their business with the ugly, lower tech..
I guess I drawed this out of frustration for not being able to find any computer tower or a printer which did not insult my eyes, it was back then around year 2000 where everything for some strange reason should be curvy or round, or looking like fly heads or jogging shoes...


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