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Help! Help!


Stuff him in!

Nooooooo (Pre-Vore)

Aaaaaaaagh (Pre-Vore)

Snakes try too hard and fail
and.. Rüggo - please stop complaining! You insisted on sleeping here in the snake area so you had it coming!

Willing prey
..something this pred is not familiar with, obviously.

Two redhead females having fun with their meal
..something this pred is not familiar with, obviously.

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Nommy elves and hobbits


Nom nom elf girl

Full digestion

That was good!


Who is going to eat Muscle-Joe?

Two Orcs and a Beautiful Elven Lady

Rüggo swallows a small man


Big Bellies

Full, satisfied and sleepy
big bellied guys - really stuffed and happy. It's up to your imagination what who they have eaten.

Ka-Atis full
My voresona got really full and stuffed, multiple vore, 5x

Another really full and stuffed rügg..


mmmm... food
Rüggo is hungry

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