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This list shows the latest changes or updates in the artwork sections. Please read the warnings for each section in order not to click on something you don't want to see.

April 29. 2015
Epituz: The comic Cake.
Olacoids can be such a disaster..

December 10. 2014
Wonders happen. New Epituz comic - Checkmate.

December 13. 2013
After a longer hiatus, the Epituz comics are now back - Here's 'Dumbphone'. Enjoy.

March 12. 2012
Epituz: new comic - A dangerous but Important Mission.

November 18. 2011
More Epituz comic stuff: Purr.

October 30. 2011
"All times": The second part of the Epituz - Original gallery - pics from the years 1980-1982.

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