Hard Vore Gallery

bite, rip, tear, chew, blood.


Help! Help!


Stuff him in!


uurrrgg....hands lost


a series of 10 pics, the process of getting eaten step by step.

yummi muscle man

another yummi small man

and yet another yummi small man, stuffed in


mmmm yum...
a sequence of 13 pics, how to find prey, pounce & eat.

Sleepy Rüggses

Nom nom gobble nom

Yummmmmm Pinkies
An olacoid female can get litters of 10-20 pinkies every 50-100 days. That would have lead to a serious overpopulation problem within few generations, and the homo sapiens would have become extinct, if it were not for..

Under Jolly Rugger
Dreaded space pirates, lead by the infamous Captain Hyda Rügg. This image also shows why pirates have hooks, peg legs etc..

Nom Nom Nom
Inspired by a video I saw some time back. There was a cat eating a mouse, first the tail, the legs, then it continued with the lower abdomen before it finally gobbled down chest and head. The mouse was alive for long, it kept on moving until the cat started chewing on its upper body.

The Pilot
A story sequence about a pilot crashing his plane in a desert. He survives the crash. However..


never never ever take the food from the pred

A story about a hungry guy..

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