The horror gallery

1974 - 2005

monsters, blood, gore..
..lots of creatures eating creatures.

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Hammer-nose guys (1974)

Biters eating Star-heads, rectangular-heads killing triangle-head (1976)

Croc-food (1977)

"The dracula" will soon feed on kind old grandma (1978)

Punching the croc (1979)

Nice catch (1980)

Predators and their prey (1981)

Rügg screaming in pain and
puking out half-digested olacoidguy (1981)

Rügg eating olacoid (1982)

Hilder eating someth... somebody (1982)

In the ocean .. (1982)

Such nice cute girls.. ? (1983)

"I eat cannibals" (1983)

Complaints (1984)

Comic page:
nom nom oh my good nom nom nom hehehehehe (1985)

"Everyone loves Kobol" (1985)

"The Maneater" (1987)

Successful hunt (1988)

"Die freak!" (1989)

Comic page: aaaaaagh nomnomnom g..g.. (1990)

Group orgy (1990)

Antichrist (1993?)

Demon eats christian guy (1995?)

Chaos creatures (1997?)

Cyborgs: using captives for research, material and food. (1997)

Cyborgs in the pet store (1997)

Who will get on the grill next.. (2002?)

Rüggs, humans, olacoids (2005)

Rüggs eating olacoid (2005)

Tasty animals are tasty (2005)

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