Epituz - the original version - II

The late part of the Epituz era was mainly about rüggs, and their favorite victims the olacoids. But there was also other concepts with plain human heroes (or anti-heroes..). Various music groups played an increasing role, as well as sports shows or science fiction. In 1982 a new sort of people was created, the parters and their villains the vaglers.

Looks like there is some rule of thumb saying, whenever there is a new sort of people, there will pretty soon also be a maneating monster version of it.


World's most dangerous..

World's most dangerous - Vortek

Vortek beats up Smart-Ola. Again.

Bullying Smart-Ola

Pain (terrestrian lion's mane yellyfish)

Foodchain (daaaw those small legs)

Foodchain - nom nom

Foodchain - nom nom - more

Yes we hate eachother

How dare you yell like that in my house!

Fighting over some food item

Starving rügg catches fat olacoid



In space

Epituz "title page"

Sports: the blue, the red and the yellow ..


The Radio gang and the Søss-people

The annoying jesters and their boss jester-staff




The Bonapartegroup

...and the villain - "Vageln"

Tom is seriously pissed off!

Parters and vaglers - this will not end well..

Vaglers, Parters

Savage setting

Hilder - just ate somebody


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