Epituz - the original version

This happened when I was eight to twelve years old. For some reason I particularly fell in love with this, so much that I even had to pick it up again .. 25 years later. Same world, same characters, some just with different yet similar names.
Back then, Drako was "the dracula", rüggs were "juggeruggs", Vortek was "Vorten" (norw: "the wart"), olacoids were "ola-giants".

It must also be told that a school friend of mine was worried about what I drew. I should stop, she said, otherwise I would keep on drawing such things also when grown up. I didn't understand what the problem really was.

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Vortek Rügg

"The Dracula"

"The Dracula" and "the devil"

The good, the bad, the stupid and the cool.

Bandits and Hapless Victim


Punching the crocodile



Castle draculas

Evil spirits

Evil spirits II

The gate cubes

Draculas and victim


Savage dracula


Castle-Worlds - the evil guys


The Castle Worlds - Greenmynd and the reds vs pittpittpitts

Rüggs - again

Fat rügg

Rüggs meet the cowboys

Rügg making mess

-->Epituz 1980-82
-->More rüggs..

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