Punching the crocodile

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My school friend looks over at what I draw and says, conserned "You should really stop drawing such things".
-"Errr why?" I ask, confused
-"If you don't stop" she explains "you'll end up still doing such as adult"

Yes, she was right about that, But I don't see the problem..

To the picture itself - the "cool muscle dracula" beats up the crocodile while the other "stupid dracula" angstily swims away. This image was made shortly after my dad explained what "Dracula" really looked like: the cliche-Dracula from the horror movies in the late sixties, pretty different from the type I used to draw (and ..ahem.. also pretty different from the real Dracula..). My response was something along - all right, there are more types of "draculas" then, competing who's the best.

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