Vortek Rügg

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The first rügg I drew, sometime summer 1978. Started out as a sketch (see numbers to the left), but then turned into something I got particularly happy with. ..then it served as template for many many further rügg drawings like this one. ..

Actually, this guy was originally supposed to be some bandit, but soon that bandit character developed into somebody sucking blood - "the dracula" - that was way much more interesting. The copies were supposed to be further pictures of this "dracula" character. But also this idea didn't last for long however..

..because it didn't really look like "the dracula", but like something even more ruthless, mean, intimidating, dangerous, etc. So yes, very soon I decided that this one along with all the copies to be individual characters of the infamous maneating rügg species, with this original image depicting the "boss rügg" Vortek.

It took some time before I developed a particular interest in these though, sometime in 1980, around two years later.

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