Petter, Triangle-head and Triangle-mom. ..and the crocodile and friend.

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This one needs explanation..

First row
1: Rectangular-headed Petter,Triangle-headed-guy and Triangle-Mom.
2: Petter
3, 4: Triangle-guy and Triangle-Mom..
5: Wow some weird device..
6: Presses button, something happens..
7,8: Wow it's an elevation device, Triangle-guy is flying!
9: Triangle-Mom gets worried as she watches this...

Second row:
1: Triangle-Guy flies over a lake..
2,3: He's far up in the air..
4: Triangle-Mom is so worried that she starts to cry
5: Petter uses the elevation-device on himself..
6: he flies up..
7: and uses the device again, on Triangle-guy..
8: reverse the effect, Triangle-guy falls down
9: There is a crocodile in the lake..

Third row:
1: Triangle-mom is seriously worried now
2: Triangle-guy falls down into the lake
3: Crocodile slurps..
4,5: Crocodile grabs Triangle-guy
6: Glomp!
7: Triangle-guy's hand is eaten, he bleeds badly.
8: Levitation device is used again..
9: ..and Triangle-guy is transported to somebody..

Fourth row:
1: ..a friend?
2: Triangle-guy given back to Triangle-Mom.
3: Triangle-Mom happy..
4: then sad, she sees that Triangle-guy's hand is missing
5,6: A hook serves as replacement.
7: The croc comes, wants more..
8: Glomp!
9: Levitation device again

Fifth row:
1-4: Triangle-guy moved around again, a friend or ..?
5: Let's have some fun with Triangle-Guy! Like holding him down from a cliff.
6: Triangle-Guy looks down..
7,8: and there, in the lake, the crocodile is waiting ..
9: *lets lose, Triangle-Guy falls down

Sixth row:
1: Triangle-Guy falls into the lake
2: He tries to swim away
3: Levitation-device ..
4: Triangle-Guy flies backwards..
5: And into the crocodile
6: Crocodile swallows, Triangle-Guy now gone
7: Crocodile swims away
8: Petter is happy
9: Petter thanks his friend

1: Petter walks away, task accomplished.

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