Biters, rectangular heads & Co

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Collection of minipics with "Biters", "Rectangular heads" and such..

Top row, from left to right:
-Fat biter noms Star-head's ass. I'm not sure whether it's just the pants or also a part of Star-head himself..
-Star-head and a biter.

Middle row, left to right:
-Some rectangular-heads with square lips, or beaks (??).
-Rectangular-headed Sissel, Triangle-headed guy and Rectangular-headed Petter:
Sissel wants to burn triangle-head while Petter intend to saw him into pieces.
-More of the rectangular heads with square lips/beaks ..
-Oh my, a part of Star-head got stuck in the door. Biter's gonna bite.

Bottom row:
-Biting star-head's head off...
-Sissel and Petter.

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Copyright (c) 1976 - 2011 Ka-Atis

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