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Horror and madness through the ages:
my drawings from early childhood till now.
..yes, have always loved the creepy or crazy stuff.. :P

Pictures may contain violence and most often they do, like munching people, blood & gore, general violence or mature/adult stuff. Also - some creatures look like they just came crawling up from the very abyss of Uncanny valley. and don't click on the Demonics link if you've got religious feelings easily hurt.

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Early childhood

Various monsters or monster-people..
(me 4-8 years old)

Original Epituz:

Drako, Vortek, rüggs, other humanoids & their victims
(me 8-12 years old)

Horror 1974 - 2006

Symmary-gallery, the really 'big bad' stuff:
Monsters, blood & gore through all times

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